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Alternative Dispute Resolution/Mediation

Los Angeles Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Attorneys

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The attorneys at Brot and Gross LLP often advocate for the use of alternative dispute resolution in family law matters. Negotiated agreements or mediated settlements can be much more flexible than a decision rendered by a judge. These arrangements also help mitigate the notion that one side has won the case and imposed its terms on the other. Settlements reached through divorce mediation and other ADR processes may be approved in much less time, may encourage future disputes to be resolved without litigation, and may also have the advantage of privacy.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution, Divorce Mediation, and Collaborative Law

Our attorneys assist clients in divorce mediation, alternative dispute resolution and collaborative law with regard to the following family law matters:

Mediation and Privacy – Avoiding Unwanted Public Attention

In addition to mediation, a number of more private and less acrimonious alternatives which benefit clients are available in California. For example, California has established the Retired Judge System, in which retired judicial officers hear cases in a trial setting with the same rules of evidence and discovery but largely outside the public record. For highly visible clients, the emotional difficulties involved in resolving a child custody dispute or allegations of domestic violence are only exacerbated by publicity. Pulling the case “out of the system” and using retired judges can reduce public exposure, promote confidentiality, and offer an effective, expeditious manner of resolving the litigation.

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