Child Custody and Visitation

Los Angeles Child Custody and Visitation Attorneys

The attorneys at Brot and Gross recognize that every custody matter is unique. The attorneys strive to properly counsel their clients in developing an extensive and complete parenting plan so that there are no future disputes. All custody agreements should address not only the actual custody plan, but also parental decision-making issues including education, medical care, and authorization for activities.

Under California law, child custody plans are based upon the best interests of the child, with numerous factors to be considered. Depending upon the age and maturity of the child, the courts can and will consider the wants and needs of that particular child.

Often, one parent seeks to relocate out of the area and maintain or obtain primary custody of the parties’ children. These cases are commonly referred to as”move-aways”. This type of custody issue is the most likely dispute to lead to litigation. A parent’s decision to relocate, and the desire to relocate the children raises numerous issues which other custody disputes often do not have. A proposed relocation of the children often affects establishing a primary residence for the children, affects their relationship with the non-relocating parent, affects decision-making concerning major issues for the children, and other issues.

The attorneys of Brot and Gross carefully analyze each custody and “move away”case and provide their clients with experienced, insightful, and honest advice as to the best approach in a very difficult situation.

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