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Divorce and Dissolutions of Marriage

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In representing our clients, the attorneys of Brot and Gross take a keen interest in attempting to understand each client’s wants, needs, and goals. As effective counsel, the attorneys of Brot and Gross guide our clients to establish reachable and realistic goals.

Our counsel is initially to work towards an amicable resolution without the risk and cost of litigation. In these circumstances, we advise our clients as to realistic outcomes and skillfully attempt to negotiate a settlement on some or all issues in order to have our clients reach their wants, needs, and goals.

In many circumstances, however, and when the option of negotiating a settlement is not immediately available, the attorneys of Brot and Gross zealously advocate for their clients in an aggressive and ethical manner which is well-respected by the judiciary and other attorneys.

Often, the attorneys of Brot and Gross, in conjunction with the other counsel, employee retired judges as both mediators and as trial judges in a private setting. With the budgetary issues affecting all California courts, the utilization of retired judges has become an alternative route for achieving an expeditious resolution by way of settlement and trial.

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