Los Angeles Paternity Attorneys

A paternity action is a matter in which the parties have a child or children but were never married. Paternity actions which do not involve the District Attorney’s Office are conducted in the same family law courtrooms as dissolution of marriage proceedings. However, the general public does not have access to the contents of the court file in a paternity action, whereas dissolution of marriage court files are open to the public except in very limited circumstances.

With the advent of DNA testing the determination of parentage has become a swift and almost exact science.

In many cases, the failure to act expeditiously to obtain DNA testing and make applications to the court for child support leads to unrecoverable losses of child support for the parent who is primarily supporting a child.

Child support in paternity cases mirrors child support in marital dissolution cases. In addition, the custody rights of each party in a paternity action carry the same rights and are subject to the same legal standards of custody issues in a dissolution of marriage action.

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